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Limited Companies

Limited Companies

Hennessey & Co aims to provide a full suite of accounting services which we believe covers all you need for running a Limited Company.

With the advent of the limited company, there can be significant tax implications for providing services to the company and for any income received by the company. With the limited company, there are often limited tax reliefs available. At Hennessey & Co we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients to ensure that they are compliant with the tax and accounting requirements of the limited company.

How we at Hennessy & Co can help you

The Hennessey team understand the many challenges faced by small and medium-sized companies when wanting to take advantage of the many benefits offered by limited company accounts. For many businesses, this is often a complex and cumbersome process, with no clear guidance available as to which account works best for them. We help you to understand the complexities of Limited Company accounting and to prepare a monthly profit and loss summary, balance sheets, balance sheet adjustments and other financial statements to keep you on top of your business.

Hennessey & Co is a well-established business accountancy firm, with qualified Chartered Certified Accountants to provide the advice you need.