Consultancy and Systems Advice

Consultancy and Systems Advice

At Hennessey & Co, we believe businesses flourish when they have the right systems in place. Our team of accountants offers a range of consultancy and systems advice, including – Accounting and taxation systems advice – Bookkeeping systems advice – Business systems advice.

We provide a broad range of accounting, taxation and consulting services to all sizes of clients. Hennessey’s core business is serving the needs of privately-held businesses, owner-managed businesses, and closely held family businesses.

How we at Hennessy & Co can help you

Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, there is always a need for professional services that can help you get your finances in order. There are a myriad of areas that fall under the umbrella of finance, but a comprehensive review of your financial position, detailed plans to help you reach your financial goals, and even the occasional due diligence and financial health of your business are some of the services we at Hennessey & Co can provide.

Many business owners and managers mistakenly believe that establishing a business is the most challenging aspect of running a firm. While it is certainly challenging, the largest challenge is growing the business. While running a firm, certain issues need to be handled quickly, and others can be handled at a slower pace. Hennessey & Co provides systems advice so that you can focus on your business.